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If that chorus sounded normal to you, check out these great songs from the Methodist Hymnal of 1878:

18  God's glorious presence, by John Walker

God of power, God of love,
Whose glory fills the realms above,
Whose praise archangels sing,
And veil their faces while they cry.
"Three times holy," to their God most high,
"Three times holy," to their King;

You as our God we too would claim,
And bless the Saviour's precious name,
Through whom this grace is given;
He bore the curse to sinners due,
He forms their ruined souls anew,
And makes them heirs of heaven.
The veil that hides your glory rend,
And here in saving power descend,
And fix your blessed abode;
Here to our hearts thyself reveal,
And let each waiting spirit feel
The presence of our God


196 Patience of Jesus, by Sir Edward Denny

What grace, Oh Lord, and beauty shone
Around your steps below!
What patient love was seen in all
Your life and death of woe!

For, ever on your burdened heart
A weight of sorrow hung;
Yet no ungentle murmuring word
Escaped your silent tongue.

Your foes might hate, despise, revile,
The friends unfaithful prove;
Unwearied in forgiveness still,
Your heart could only love.

O give us hearts to love like you,
Like you, Oh Lord, to grieve
Far more for others' sins, than all
The wrongs that we receive.

One with you, may every eye
In us, your brethren view
That gentleness and grace that spring
From union, Lord with you

(Language slightly modified for modern usage.)