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                  The Celebration Chorus

We're going to sing, sing a song.
We're going to celebrate, celebrate here today.
We're going to raise the hands, raise, raise, raise the hands.
We're going to sing, sing, sing.(2x)

We're singing now.  We're singing.
We're celebrating, celebrating.(repeat)
We're raising, raising, raising, the hands.
We're singing, singing, singing.(3x)

(change keys up one step to enliven lethargic
congregation, the more lethargic the more organ vibrato added)

We just got through singing, singing the manna(*see note) chorus.
We sang it all the way through.
(pause until drummer catches up)
Yes, all the way through, all the way through.
We sang, sang, sang...(2x, or more if behind song service schedule)

We'll sing again later, another song.
We'll sing again later(2x), we are going to sing.
(men:)  Sing, sang, song.
(women:)  Sang, sing, song.
Celebrating along.(3x)

(here the songleader jumps to random previous verse 
 without warning and repeats it over and over again)

-the end-

*note:  threw in the mandatory word from the Bible