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The word, religion, means something. You can look it up in the dictionary. I never did like that word. I suppose each person has a religion, a unique set of things thought to be true, and that person acts accordingly, different than he would if believing differently. The word religion itself rarely occurs in the Bible. The books in the Bible do discuss in length the life of a man who when was alive on earth, performed miracles and healed everyone of anything. Then he was killed and was revived back to life again with a new and improved body. These things certainly get my attention. Upon further study it is seen that truth is personified in this man, and his actions were flawless. This was Jesus of Nazareth who is rarely followed. Most people prefer to follow their own desires. Jesus is Truth in a person, and acted accordingly. The part of his followers is to accept truth, him, and rely on his actions for redemption. Their actions are changed after believing in him, but those actions don't save them, nor keep them saved. They are a direct effect of inner renewal. I could go on and on, but consider this a quick glimpse of my view of religion.