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Sunday Afternoon Treat

  • Put several scoops of natural vanilla ice cream in a deep-dish plate.
  • Have can of Coca Cola refrigerated. Pour Coca Cola onto ice cream.
  • Eat. Note the best parts contain crunchy frozen Coca Cola.

Banana and Wafers

Ingredients: Box of vanilla wafer cookies. Two ripe bananas.

Directions: Open box and peel bananas. Alternately eat a bite of vanilla wafers and a bite of banana. Repeat until full.

Spaghetti Sauce

Ingredients: Can of 100% tomato paste. Oregano, preferrably Mexican oregano

Directions: Put can of tomato paste in pan. Using that can, add about half a can of water. This may vary according to what consistency you want. Stir. Add some Mexican oregano. Heat on low till you see bubbles. Stir. Heat another minute.

Many times I've made spaghetti sauce from scratch using all kinds of tomatoes and have never obtained better results than this recipe.

Roast Beef

There are countless combinations of herbs, spices, etc. to add to a roast in the crock pot. Here's my favorite combination: tiny amount of salt, ground sage, bay leaf or two, and ground thyme.