A person should learn at least one thing each day. Kept a list for the first half of 2015.

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Jan. 1
Many aluminum parts are made by pushing molten aluminum through a cutout plate, e.g. side rails of ladders. Keep pushing. let it cool, and then cut to size.
Jan. 2
With the help of on-line videos learned to replace motor on an LG washing machine. Didn't have any spring pliers to pull open the spring on the seal ring to reapply it, so made one putting wire hooks on a handscrew wood clamp.
Jan. 3
Learned that an NFL review of a call requires an anonymous decision by a group of people to overturn instead of just one person, didn't catch the exact details.
Jan. 4
Learned that a kid in my school, John S., who had moved from my school to a nearby town finished his school years there. Was surprised because I never ran across him one time in those four or five years.
Jan. 5
There's a park in Apache Junction where the 60 Highway angles southward, called Silly Mountain Park.
Jan. 6
Learned the word, sibilant, knowing what is is but not knowing the word. Made a wild guess that shibilant is a word, and it might actually be one too.
Jan. 7
A zipper size is the width in millimeters of the zipped zipper.
Jan. 8
Hornets build their nest in the summer. Then a queen and a drone overwinter in a secluded place, like under tree bark.
Jan. 9
Winterfat turns partly red in the winter, like a sumac color.
Jan. 10
The actress, Janine Turner, has written a book, one I'd like to read some day.
Jan. 11
The father of the football player, Andrew Luck, also played pro football.
Jan. 12
They sell kangaroo meat at my grocery store. I hadn't thought of kangaroo as a meat source.
Jan. 13
They make fancy weather monitors to set up in your yard that you can read from the internet.
Jan. 14
There are different types of DHA.
Jan. 15
Learned the latest updates on some diseases from an on-line conference.
Jan. 16
Allspice is a product of one plant, not a mixture of spices.
Jan. 17
The tongue has about 10,000 taste buds.
Jan. 18
Myanmar is mostly Buddhist.
Jan. 19
The tax for a $16 fast food bill is 50 cents, higher than I'd expected.
Jan. 20
It wasn't just in our house where bread wrappers were used as overshoes.
Jan. 21
Learned about NFL official football pressure limits.
Jan. 22
The volcano close to Mexico City had an eruption shutting down flights to and from the U.S. for one day.
Jan. 23
A McDonalds quarter pounder has a very high saturated fat content.
Jan. 24
Ernie Banks passed away.
Jan. 25
A big rain is headed our way.
Jan. 26
A huge asteroid passing fairly near the earth.
Jan. 27
More information from the comet landing.
Jan. 28
Which TV shows are being cancelled.
Jan. 29
The fundamentals of hybrid car operation and the differences between major manufacturers' hybrids.
Jan. 30
Professional golfers play in the rain unless its very heavy or when there's lightning.
Jan. 31
The Ford Escape rides kind of rough over city streets. Didn't expect that.
Feb. 1
How to completely disassemble and reassemble our Hoover vacuum cleaner.
Feb. 2
Won't name the street, but a main north-south artery is to be avoided during afternoon rush hour.
Feb. 3
Our car turned past 70,000 miles, and as almost always I forgot to watch that moment.
Feb. 4
The word, snide, is not a verb.
Feb. 5
Learned about a published article about some work I'd been in on.
Feb. 6
Concrete anchor screws are common in both 3/16" and 1/4" size.
Feb. 7
Radio Shack is closing their stores here, maybe everywhere.
Feb. 8
Even the lower level balcony at Comerica is too far away to see much.
Feb. 9
The website, ancestry.com, isn't extremely user friendly to me.
Feb. 10
Derek Hough won't be on DWTS this next season.
Feb. 11
The wombat is a marsupial.
Feb. 12
LBJ was called Landslide because of a close election he suspiciously won at the last minute.
Feb. 13
Learned some detailed information about the Renaissance Fair held near here.
Feb. 14
The nest of that little annoying bird here has the entry hole at the bottom of the nest.
Feb. 15
Olga Korbut lives in Arizona and teaches acrobatics.
Feb. 16
The 2016 Mazda CX-5 has improvements that supposedly make it much better than the 2015.
Feb. 17
Learned a little more about Viterbi implementation.
Feb. 18
Niagara Falls has frozen over pretty hard.
Feb. 19
The juniper tree pollen has arrived.
Feb. 20
The ash tree pollen has arrived.
Feb. 21
The opera Carmen has that song with the snappy melody, and it's about a bullfighter.
Feb. 22
Florian makes some really good pruners with variable leveraged cutting.
Feb. 23
Derek Hough plans to be on this next season of DWTS after all.
Feb. 24
Forget the exact number at this writing, but learned the number of Americans on food stamps, about ten times or more than I would expect.
Feb. 25
A poll stated that 61% of Americans think the states should be able to determine who can and can't get married in their state.
Feb. 26
It's going to cost $200 to have our car windows tinted.
Feb. 27
Darnell Docket was released from the Arizona Cardinals football team.
Feb. 28
There are lots of little fun things to do in Flagstaff, probably worth a day just to see the various museums.
Mar. 1
Garry Kasparov is an English-speaking panelist on U.S. news TV.
Mar. 2
A U.S. satellite detected rising heat then destructed.
Mar. 3
Ben Carson is a Seventh Day Adventist.
Mar. 4
Daylight Savings Time is going to end this coming weekend.
Mar. 5
Before WWII, or at its beginning, Eisenhower was a Colonel under McArthur in the Pacific.
Mar. 6
There was a hurricane shortly after D-Day that destroyed new installations in Europe.
Mar. 7
The sparaxis is classified in the iris family.
Mar. 8
The Greeks built pyramids apparently to collect condensed water from the air.
Mar. 9
Learned how to use the microwave to make a "baked" apple.
Mar. 10
Penstemons are classified as being related to snapdragons.
Mar. 11
Learned a lot about an ex-coworker, e.g he was from Indiana, but I'd always thought Illinois because of his Cubs support.
Mar. 12
Univision fired a character who was like Don Rickles or Joan Rivers, for supposedly insulting the first lady.
Mar. 13
The neanderthals had eagle talons probably used for jewelry.
Mar. 14
Learned a lot about Three Dog Night's history from interviews of the members.
Mar. 15
Avoid the Einstein's north of here on Sunday afternoon, too busy.
Mar. 16
Avoid the medical lab on Monday mornings, way too busy.
Mar. 17
An Egyptian tomb was discovered with lots of interesting undisturbed artifacts.
Mar. 18
Learned about the making of the movie, Sound of Music, from a TV special.
Mar. 19
NFL player Bowe went from the Chiefs to Cleveland.
Mar. 20
Walmart doesn't carry the most economical tax software, apparently hoping you'll buy a more expensive one because it's there.
Mar. 21
The mosquitoes are back already after the winter lull.
Mar. 22
More of a realization than something learned maybe, that a movie made well with unknown actors is a real treat. Often the big name actors can kind of taint the story with a too-strong presence.
Mar. 23
Heard about Ted Cruz officially running for president.
Mar. 24
There are three twilights: civil, nautical, and astronomical; although I still don't know what they mean.
Mar. 25
Learned a few details about the horrible plane crash in the Alps, and about the cockpit door locking system.
Mar. 26
The 1/2" to drip hose adapters regulate the flow of water.
Mar. 27
The Dennis Miller radio show is ending. Disappointing.
Mar. 28
The singer Selena's brother was a key songwriter for their group.
Mar. 29
Google executives actively support the Democrat party.
Mar. 30
There's some law that economically punishes hospitals for readmitting Medicare patients within 30 days after an admission.
Mar. 31
At least at one company, a taxi driver must drive at least once a month to remain current on the roles.
Apr. 1
The young actor Walter Koenig played a teenage gang leader in an Alfred Hitchcock episode.
Apr. 2
One can get prescription glasses on-line for a fraction of the cost at local stores.
Apr. 3
There's no state sales tax in Florida.
Apr. 4
The white mulberries in our yard had been ripening already nearly totally consumed by the birds.
Apr. 5
A local mall is completely closed on Easter Sunday.
Apr. 6
Learned that the actor who played the giant in David and Goliath is actually gigantic. Had thought when watching they just hired short people to be around him to make him look big.
Apr. 7
There's a limit imposed by the IRS or somebody that limits the amount to put into a health savings account each year. I thought it was just an account the workplace had contrived.
Apr. 8
The 2nd ounce to mail a letter costs 21 cents.
Apr. 9
A towhee continually chases away a sparrow that just outmaneuvers it and circles back to where they started.
Apr. 10
They closed the restaurant Coco's which in the past under a certain manager was a reliable place to go.
Apr. 11
You can simply bend the plastic-coated metal earpieces on glasses without having to heat them up first.
Apr. 12
A nearby flooring store has been closed and in the same place an antique-and-other store. Gone.
Apr. 13
Doves have built a nest in the fig tree.
Apr. 14
Those butterscotch hard candies that used to taste so good now taste much different, awful in my opinion.
Apr. 15
Learned the distance for reading glasses is 1 divided by that number on the glasses, e.g. +1.25, in meters.
Apr. 16
Honda Accord control arm bushings rotting out is the cause of that clinking and clanking.
Apr. 17
Roasted brussel sprouts on pizza is an edible mixture but not very pleasurable.
Apr. 18
How to remove and replace the back tire on a ten-speed bicycle.
Apr. 19
A favorite store in a mall where once got good smoothies -- closed.
Apr. 20
Just a mere 1-ounce weight on a tire is all it takes to prevent significant shimmy.
Apr. 21
Grape leaf skeletonizers filling grape leaves with eggs.
Apr. 22
Carly Fiorina started working as a secretary.
Apr. 23
The metal handles in rolling suitcases can rust if they get wet inside the tubing.
Apr. 24
Sen. Flake voted for the new U.S. attorney general.
Apr. 25
Tomatoes on some volunteer plants are ripe.
Apr. 26
All Wendy's don't serve a breakfast menu. (Thought I'd had a great breakfast sandwich at the airport at one.)
Apr. 27
There are flowers on a melaleuca of ours for the first time ever.
Apr. 28
Kansas has very high property tax rates.
Apr. 29
Actor James Woods and B. Netanyahu have very high IQs.
Apr. 30
The Bushwackers were recently inducted into a wrestling hall of fame.
May 1
La India Maria has passed away.
May 2
The favored Reeboks store at a mall has closed.
May 3
Ben Carson is officially running for president.
May 4
The cave tours at Kartchner Caverns are dimly lit.
May 5
Previous Speaker of the House Mr. Wright has passed away.
May 6
A popular diabetes medicine can cause ulcers.
May 7
The results of the U.K. voting.
May 8
NFL quarterback Brady to be suspended for some games.
May 9
Learned some about the life of Christina Noble from a movie.
May 10
You can't see Hoover Dam from a car on the new bridge because of the high, solid sides.
May 11
You (not me) can make a motorcycle from scratch and get it registered.
May 12
The Hoover Dam builders had two days off a year, Independence Day and Christmas, and those were optional.
May 13
The Catholic pope "recognized" the Palestinian nation.
May 14
More details about the recent Philadelphia train crash.
May 15
B.B. King recently passed away.
May 16
The horse, American Pharoah, won another big race.
May 17
An old 4 1/2" grinder dangerously turns on by itself.
May 18
Was told that some bird eggs stay viable at various temperatures allowing the hen to start setting some time after laying.
May 19
Definition of the word, cusp, after being told a tooth had a crack at the cusp.
May 20
The last Bill Johnson's Big Apple restaurant in Phoenix is closing Sunday.
May 21
Learned various techniques and tips about wood gate building from instruction videos: support techniques, fasteners, etc.
May 22
The Landmark Restaurant in Mesa is closing soon.
May 23
It is common for the inner eye "gel" to separate from the retina in older people, almost always unknown to them.
May 24
The pastor I really liked at a local church and liked to hear every now and then had left months ago.
May 25
The appraisers of houses in Mexico get a big cut of the money after the sale.
May 26
The 5th District Court made a decision unfavorable to the president.
May 27
Rick Santorum is running for president.
May 28
Pataki is running for president.
May 29
The latest report showed a shrinking U.S. economy.
May 30
O'Malley is running for president.
May 31
I poorly planned the landscaping in the back yard in that the view through two windows from the kitchen sink are of bare brick wall.
June 1
Lindsay Graham is running for president.
June 2
Buck Owens was married to the Hee Haw lady banjo player, for one day.
June 3
Learned the word, frequentative.
June 4
Rick Perry is running for president.
June 5
A coworker of several years just suddenly up and quit.
June 6
Brian Wilson has been nearly deaf in one ear since childhood.
June 7
I left the car unlocked overnight, with no known consequences.
June 8
The U.S. thinks that people born in Jerusalem aren't Israelis.
June 9
The state of Ohio moved from a huge deficit to a huge surplus under Gov. Kasich.
June 10
Learned of the death of a solid, stalwart lady in the old homefront.
June 11
Congress passed a law to remove country of origin from meat products.
June 12
Obamatrade was defeated in the House of Representatives.
June 13
The actress, Emma Stone, is from Scottsdale, Arizona.
June 14
Elvis Presley didn't write any of his songs.
June 15
Jeb Bush is running for president.
June 16
Donald Trump is running for president.
June 17
Intel is laying off a lot of people.
June 18
Mount Everest reportedly moved an inch after the recent Nepal earthquake.
June 19
Carbon 14 was found in dinosaur fossils.
June 20
A covered electric skillet is excellent for cooking outdoors to not heat up the house in summertime.
June 21
Found out what a cornish pasty is.
June 22
My bank won't let me look at my checking account on-line unless I sign up for total electronic delivery.
June 23
The actor, Dick Van Patten, passed away.
June 24
Bobby Jindal is running for president.
June 25
Bristol Palin is pregnant.
June 26
Al Jardine of the Beach Boys sang lead on the song, Barbara Ann, and on some other songs.
June 27
Shelley the poet wrote a book touting atheism.
June 28
Eva Gabor was a Republican.
June 29
Mayo Clinic says either a cold or hot application on the head is good for headaches.
June 30
The U.S. as a country has the second most Spanish speakers.

I had planned on doing this for a year, but it was a minor hassle when things got busy, so I quit at the end of June. Maybe I learn some little thing each day and don't realize or remember it. Most of these listed are instead realizations or discoveries instead of learning a new skill or a new fact that is usable for future days.